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Unboxing: 1/48 MegaSize RX-78-2 Gundam (Daban)

That’s it! I’ll be putting the completion of the PG Astray Red Frame to give way to this special release of the first ever 1/48 Mega Size launch by Daban Model.

Starting things right with the RX-78-2 ‘Gundam’, The Gundam. On very quick look, the Mega Size model is not much of a difference from the typical High Grade model, other than it’s sheer size. The kit has no inner frame but the panel line details are comparable to Real Grade or the Perfect Grade. Not much on gimmickry though, these releases are more of a poseable statuettes.

But hey, the kit comes with a free Dengeki Hobby tip/guide!

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/48
Grade: Mega Size – Gundam 0079
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam 0079/One Year War
Price: 1400PHP (as of posting).

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