Review: 1/144 HG GX-9999 Gundam X Maoh (Huiyan Model)

The first release of the new player, Huiyan Model. So far this is fastest release seen today. Below 9 months since the kit was released by Bandai. Price is competitive and is leveled to Daban’s 1/144 releases.

Manufacturer: Huiyan Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Build Fighters
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam – Build Fighters Try
Price: 350PHP (as of posting).

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Part 2: Head Unit


Part 3: Torso Unit

Part 4: Arm Unit

Part 5: Waist Unit

Part 6: Leg Unit

Part 7: Weapons and Add-ons

Shield + Rifle

Satellite Canon

Grenade Launcher

Extra Hands/Effect Parts

Part 8: X Maoh of Gunpla Shingyo School

Part 9: Has the moon come out yet?

Huiyan Model’s First Release

Overall the kit is somewhat comparable to a Dragon Momoko kit. Plastic’s consistency is acceptable, not too thin and cuts fine. No loose parts, they all snap in just right.

Though they could work more on the stickers. Don’t get me wrong, the stickers are great and sticks just fine. The print is good too and cut is okay, but some of them runs a little too wide as seen above. The stickers for the shoulder armor is a little too wide to fit in.

The fitting of the joints and plastic is acceptable and no big gaps between them, take note that is a first release kit. Pretty good for a start up!

Panel lines are great too but still not in perfect consistency.

The panel lines on the legs are a little washed up compared to the other parts, so detailing out of the box might prove a little difficult with a panel line marker. Don’t worry, it is still pretty much workable.

The shoulder uses a ball-joint connector which makes moving the shoulders a pleasure.

Though the legs lacks the twisting feature.

The kit is really cheap for it’s craftmanship by Huiyan Model, no wonder it gets sold out on it’s first week of release. I already got on the Nth batch for this kit that’s why I got to review it rather late than usual.

Verdict: Gundam X Maoh

Overall, I like the kit on how it was done by Huiyan Model. The price point is really competitive and you can pit this release with Daban’s HGUC line. Though there are some lows on the kit, but take note that these things is just how Bandai made X Maoh and no way can be criticized to Huiyan Model’s copy.


The arm can twist but there’s no double joint for the elbow.

The same is with the legs, the picture below pretty much maxed out the articulation on the knees.

The satellite cannon’s tether connection to the  back pack is surprisingly good enough and is articulated well.

You can deploy the satellite cannon either above shoulder or lunged like how X Maoh fires his.

The reflector panel mounts is of course mounted through a more intuititve way than of the Gundam X. This setup makes it easier to manipulate from the standby mode, flight mode, and firing mode.


  • Plastic is great
  • Sticker detail is great
  • Sticker really sticks into the plastic
  • The kit snaps in just right


  • Gundam X Maoh’s knee & elbow articulation is rather underwhelming, no double joint.
  • Some of the sticker runs a little too wide.
  • The kit gets sold out rather quick. (as of posting)

To conclude, I’ll really be sticking out for the next Huiyan Model release. The kit and company is highly recommended and I hope we see more of Huiyan model this coming 2015!

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