Review: 1/144 HGUC RX-0 Full Armor Unicorn [Normal] (Daban)

For a quick flashback, you can see our previous review on the HGUC Unicorns.

This release is actually just an improve in ways of more additional weaponry on the previous release of the 1/144 HG Unicorn [Normal]. To be not so redundant, we’ll try to focus more on the additional and immediate concerns on this Full Armor Unicorn release and not much on the Unicorn core model.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Price: 450php (as of posting)

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Part 1: Box, Runners, and Manual


Part 2: Head Unit

Part 3: Torso Unit

Part 4: Arm Unit

Part 5: Waist Unit

Part 6: Leg Unit

Part 7: Weapons and Add-ons

Beam Magnum


Hyper Bazooka

Shield + Beam Gattling

Hyper Bazooka + Grenades

Propellant Tank Mount

Propellant Tanks

Part 8: Unicorn – Full Armor Equipment

Part 9: Takuya’s Crazy Plan

It’s just like the 1/100 one, but not a statue.

The kit as it stands is the very same HGUC Unicorn Gundam. No modifications even at the legs where they place the grenade/missile pods. As seen below

The grey fillers are taken out to be the mounts of the grenade/missile pod. Notice the peg on the photo above is the same color with the launcher. The same is the case for the MG.

Everything else remains the same in the Unicorn.

Even with the back pack, the FA mount needs no additional holes or any modifications.

But this kit being the same first release HGUC Unicorn, all of the limitations on the articulations is present. Though not as much as a statue like the 1/100 MG which is highly criticized with.

The arms can be moved but very limited this is caused by the shield and the small clearance between the arms and the Hyper Bazooka.

Though moving it forward is kind of okay as seen above. It’s just hard to move the arms back.

As you can see above, there’s not much room to move it backwards.

Here’s another, take a look on the clearance between the shield and Hyper Bazooka. There’s just no space in there!

But look at how much equipment you have! This is the same reason why I bought the MG Full Armor as well.

The articulation isn’t that bad but you know, it can always be done better. This kit after all was designed before the HG All Gundam Project.

This Kit Makes Buying The NT-D FA Almost Redundant.

As mentioned before, the kit itself is the very same kit released earlier (the non-FA). In the case of FA Unicorn NT-D the difference is the green psyco frame. Everything else is the same excluding of course the Activated Shield and extra stands for the effect parts.

Rating the kit would be the same as of the earlier unicorn releases.


  • Daban’s plastic and details on the HG line is getting better.
  • Lots of equipment.
  • Quite cheap for all the equipment and plastic it has.


  • Limited articulation, quite acceptable keeping in mind that the kit was released before the All Gundam Project which corrected/improved HG articulation.
  • Basically a statue when in FA Unicorn equipment.
  • There’s no base jabber conversion for this FA Unicorn like in the MG release.

The kit is still good to get, but if also plan to buy the FA Unicorn NT-D you might as well wait for that, but there won’t be a release for that for quite some time (as of posting).

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