Review: 1/144 HGUC RGZ-95C ReZEL [Commander Type] (Daban)

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Price: 400PHP (as of posting).

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Part 1: Box, Runners, and Manual

Part 2: Head Unit

Part 3: Torso Unit

Part 4: Arm Unit

Part 5: Waist Unit

Part 6: Leg Unit

Part 7: Weapons and Add-ons

Shield + Beam Gun

Mega Beam Launcher

Beam Saber

Part 8: Romeo Squad Ready!

Part 9: SORTIE!

Wave Rider Mode

ReZEL Commander Type

The last to be released by Daban for the ReZEL Class. The ReZEL Commander Type is exactly the same of the earlier two ReZELs with just minor cosmetic differences.

  1. Green Camera/Accents as opposed to Yellow (GR) and Red (standard ReZEL)
  2. Wing-type back pack as opposed to Box-type backpack. This according to the wiki entry allows the Commander Type for atmospheric battle and entry.

Other than those minor differences, you  can pretty much swap their parts.

ReZEL Commander Type with GREEN accents.
YELLOW accents on ReZEL Type-C (left) and RED accents on ReZEL (right).

In terms of articulation, they knees can bend fully due to the transformation requirements. As seen in a photo below

The elbow unfortunately can only go as much as 90 degrees. Everything else is as is for ReZEL types. This includes the ball joint shoulders as seen in ReZEL Type-C.

This gives a very limited and rigid movement on the shoulders.

The legs articulate fine even at the feet because of the transformation gimmick. Notice the feet details on the photo below, bended at full.

One thing that is frustrating is how the Mega Beam Launcher is tethered to the kit as this really limits you on the poseability with it.

You will certainly have to dislocate the wrist to pull this pose off. Be very careful not to stress the handle of the launcher or it will break!

To conclude, the kit is okay. Joints are tight, some too tight so be careful on snapping them. You may need to loosen some part of it as to avoid putting too much pressure on it and breaking the part.

Plastic separation is just average, the kit itself doesn’t have much colors as they would have been if deployed by the military and as Tomino envisioned such designed (though designed by Katoki primarily). After all, the military wouldn’t want a high visibility grunt unit. Maybe for a flagship unit in order to intimidate opponents.


  • Quality as expected of a Daban release, details are great.
  • Plastic not too brittle or too soft.


  • Limited articulation on the shoulders, same as the Bandai release.

If you’ll be doing an army build, now is the high time to do it as you have now access to the complete ReZEL fleet in the unicorn series.

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