Review: 1/35 RX-93 Nu Gundam [Bust] (MagicToys)

With the previous post with the unboxing pictures, we’ll now proceed on the build through and review!

Manufacturer: Magic Toys
Scale: 1/35
Grade: N/A
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s Counter Attack
Price: 1700php (as of posting)

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Just a quick look, you can browse the unboxing below through SlideShow.

Now, to the–


Of course, this is not to replace the manual by any means. This is just a visual guide on how it looks from step 1 and may include some minor variations on the steps.

The face is made up of the visor and the camera/eye part which is composed of transparent plastic to project the green LED for the light gimmick.

With the face built, we now attach the LED through the holes on the back of the eyes/camera.

Just like so.

Here’s a long exposure of it.

Side plates are pretty straightforward but has some additional gimmick to it by including a faux inner frame.

Below is the panels responsible for the forehead camera.

Which also houses the LED.

To which is mounted on the head as seen below.

And here it is when lit up.

Now to complete the whole head.

The gimmick here is that you can open the side hatches, but nothing fancy.

Here’s the latch hidden.

Inside view.

Side panels attached.

Panels opened.

Now to the assembly of the rest of the head.

This is the assembly of the placeholder for the hydraulics mechanism of the neck.

Above is the parts of the vents. Ideally, the part with the vent should be painted gray.

Fully attached to both sides.

Ever wonder how the wiring goes? See below for the wiring passing through the neck piece.

Just don’t forget to loop in the wires to the PC part first!

Once you have done laying out the cables, we now proceed to constructing the rest of the parts we have done so far.

As seen above, this may be the neatest way you can wire the LEDs. Just don’t forget to attach the blue plastic on the forehead as it is responsible for the V-Fin connection.

Fully closed, side view.

Here’s the vulcan assembly. Chrome part for the nozzles.

One fully assembled unattached, and one attached on the head.

The V-Fin has added detail that you won’t pretty much see as it is on the back side. It is just a quasi inner frame.

Completed as seen above (back side) and below for the front.

And then attached to the head.

With the head done, we go down to the other details and gimmicks. First one up is the neck hydraulics. I chose silver for the whole part.

Then on to the collar detail.

Now, on to the base where the battery is hidden. Please take note that batteries are sold separately from the kit. For demonstration purposes, I used my eneloop AAAs from my flash trigger remote. Any cheapo/disposable AAA would do.

You can see where the switch is and the whole batter holder in this cross sectional view.

Now on to the detailing of the base.

Batteries sold separately. AAA needed.

This is part of the gimmick on the chest to hide the LED switch.

Now, to fully assemble the base.

The center piece on the blue is actually the switch, not bad at all!

The hole between the two gray holes is the connector from the base to the neck that powers the LEDs. Make sure you can align this properly.

Now to build the stand which is Amuro Ray’s personal emblem

Then to piece the whole bust!


When lit up. Those are actually decent LEDs compared to those small ones included in LED modules in OO Raiser.

Almost all done with gray or black panel lines. No other coloring or top coats.

The LEDs are actually too strong that it seeps through the plastic, though some parts have rather thin plastic or the white dyes isn’t thick enough and not evenly distributed on the plastic resin.

Another gimmick is that the front plate can be popped out. No other special function though.

The head can turn left to right just like any kit.

Added effect parts is the hydraulics.

Of course it can nod.

Look up? Not much.

Model Display Box sold separately.

Good thing it can fit inside a Model Display Box for 1/100 kits.

New Player in the Game: MagicToys

Of course, you may have seen their hype video with extra cheese.

With all the hype they want to generate out of this release, I’ll say not quite bad for the first release. Details are fine, I wouldn’t ask for more and so is the color separate. I could go without painting it.

But of course, being their first release, there are some shortcomings or rather, quality issues.

1. Plastic is thin on some parts. They should really find a more consistent manufacturer as the injection of the plastic isn’t quite equal across the runners. This is noticeable on the blacks and V-Fin.

2. Some of the fittings may need to be revisited/reviewed. One of this is the chin/red on the Nu Gundam’s visor. The plastic is not that thin but stress marks will show when you connect it to the visor. This is caused by the visor’s peg being too wide on the tip causing the stress mark on the chin.

3. The plastic is somehow soft and easy to cut, this is good in a way but some parts being too soft can cause serious stress marks when they are rubbery soft. Some of the gates are like these, mostly noticeable in the blacks.

Even with these issues, I will say that this kit is well-made and thought of. These issues that I raised is somehow expected of a first release. I would expect greater things and more amazing kits from MagicToys. Here’s to hoping they do a 1/35 Sazabi Bust!

Guys, it’s just’Bust’ not Head Bust.

Bust (statue) is defined as a sculpture of a person’s head, shoulders, and chest, example: “a bust of Caesar”

The kit overall is high recommended versus the earlier Hi-Nu release, that we, Plamo.PH refused to sell as it really not aesthetically pleasing when you get one. As it really looks goofy if not viewed up front. This is why you almost never see a photo of it up front. Always side ways. Because it is badly proportioned, it was so bad you can only pose it looking down and facing it sideways.

MagicToys’ RX-93 Nu Gundam is true to the RX-93 design and proportion. I sure hope they went with the Ver. Ka design but they may face design issues with Bandai/Sunrise as it is.


  • Good proportions
  • LEDs light up!
  • Has LEDs included
  • Battery pack included as well
  • Looks great out of the box, thanks color separation!


  • Some plastic may stress out easily
  • May need touch ups, depends on how you handle it while building
  • AAA batteries sold separately





Surely made this a great release. I hope these trio find another or at least a better process on doing the molds. As great their design be, a bad plastic injection may kill their next release.

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