Review: 1/144 HG MSN-04 Sazabi Ver. EVO (Model GoGo)

The Sazabi Ver. EVO released by Model GoGo a subsidiary of GaoGao/TT Hongli is a redesign of the HGUC Sazabi by Bandai. Some parts probably gotten off from some resin kit as what was the case for the Hi-Nu EVO which was from a Hi-Nu Extra Fit resin kit.

Now let’s get back to the unboxing and parts review!

Manufacturer: Bandai
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam – Char’s Counter Attack
Price: 750PHP

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Part 1: Box, Runners, and Manual

The kit has no foil stickers, but comes with water slide decals.

The kit’s plastic is okay in terms of consistency. Cutting is smooth which means not much stress marks. But please do please use a new blade when you can. Tamiya’s stainless steel hobby knife blades comes cheap at ~100php for 30 pieces. The pen is expensive though.

Part 2: Head Unit

The head is straightforward. The horn is a little exaggerated and a little stylized more in a way. If you can look more closely, the Sazabi loses it’s mono eye in this iteration of Model GoGo. It’s just not that visible due to lack of detailing/stickers.

Part 3: Torso Unit

The torso unit is just like any other kit’s with some different/quirks from the recent models.

  • The torso pretty much loses some articulation in the waist as it is considered as one.
  • The side skirts is mounted on the torso and not on the waist unit traditionally. This will be touched on later.

Part 4: Arm Unit

The arms is designed differently that it is very restrictive of movement. This is sacrificed for the design detail, but then again it could have been handled differently.

But yes, you can pivot the arms near the shoulders.

Part 5: Waist Unit

I take it back, you can twist the waist a little but is restricted by the side skirts which it pretty much brings the articulation to nil.

Part 6: Leg Unit

A slight discoloration is noticed here due to color differences in the camera setting. To the human eye, this is rather unnoticeable.

Part 7: Weapons and Add-ons

Beam Rifle and Shield

Beam rifle is detailed by using a brownish metallic plastic and blacks.

The shield is straightforward no other gimmicks, but missiles and the beam axe can be mounted on it.

Backpack and Funnels

The back pack mounts six funnels, unfortunately no effect parts in for the funnel. The funnel mounts open up as a gimmick.


Here, you would see the add-ons or effect parts that comes with the kit. You’ll notice that my Sazabi EVO is rather different from the box art. As I used the Sazabi parts and not the Sleeves mods. Also, no beam effect parts in this kit. Free stand!

Part 8: Completed Sazabi EVO

Part 9: I’ll show you that a superior mobile suit has its limits when it goes up against a superior pilot!

You’re got some moves, but don’t get cocky.

The kit looks good for sure compared to the HGUC Sazabi, but it suffers from articulation detail

As seen above, the kit can only move the elbows and knees up to only 90 degrees.

In the pose above, the legs cannot be moved forward due to the skirts getting on the way. The skirt also cannot be moved sideways due to the energy cord at the waist.

I got the kit to complement MC Model’s Nu Gundam iteration. As getting the HGUC makes them a little off.

Okay for the looks and your cabinet.

The kit looks great, but due to the limitations on the articulation, you’ll have a hard time getting some poses. It does look good on the cabinet though and some specific dioramas. I’m just not sure if you can swap the HGUC Sazabi parts with the GoGo ones so that you have some additional articulations.


  • Looks good.
  • Panel line details are well done.
  • Plastic consistency is good.


  • Articulation can be disappointing.

Get the Sazabi EVO for the details and collecting Universal Century’s greatest rivalry. But if you aim for the articulation and playing poses with it, you might have a bad time.

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