The Master Grade Gundam AGE-1 Normal looks absolutely amazing. It definitely looks way better than how it looks in the anime. It’s almost a Ver. Ka redesign when compared to it’s anime looks.  There are a lot of additional details that was added to the design, such as the vents on the legs and arms. This kit is also a PS (polystyrene) based kit, as labeled on the runners. Its a great new take on the classic RX-178-2 design. Strangely enough, the AGE-1 has no bazooka.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/100
Grade: Master Grade
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam AGE
Price:  750php (as of posting)

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I. Completed Look

The kit is really well detailed compared to any grades that was released in the AGE-1 Normal design. The additional vents and the forearm twisting that will be shown later on the review.

II. Upper Body

Here, we’ll cover anything above the waist. This includes the arms and back pack detail.


The head design is somewhat a nod to the original Gundam (RX-78-2) by having a white V-Fin/horn. Later on the series, on the next timeline. The AGE-1′s eyes reverts to yellow for some reason but one thing’s for sure is that RX-78-2′s eyes is originally yellow.

The neck joint sports two ball-joint ends and hinge in the middle. It should give the kit more movement, but due to the yellow collar and head design, I wasn’t able to fully utilize the joint.

As shown, there’s not much room for the head movement other than left to right.


The torso unit has a very important function as it should be as in the anime be able to seamlessly swap modes between TITUS and SPALLOW. As seen on the photo below, the arm joint is engineered differently. This is how it was also done in the anime. This type of joint was also used by Tallgeese line. Suprisingly enough this joint offers a lot of extra degrees of freedom, allowing the kit to almost dislocate the shoulder joint so that you can max out the shoulder articulation. You’ll notice the arm connector armor in some of the action photos almost pops out. This is thanks to the joint’s design that it allows the joint extend out without the joint/connectors actually popping out in the literal sense.

The kit also comes with really cool chrome silver stickers which stick to the back of the A on the cockpit and the eyes, which reflects the light and gives the clear parts some extra luminescence.

The core, of course houses the pilot as seen in the photos below.

Booster Pack

The booster pack is rather just a back pack. The sword mount which was typically found on the booster pack is now moved to the side skirts. No other weapon mounts can be found on the back pack either.


The arms is very articulate aside from the typical range of motion on the shoulders and elbow.

The kit can also twist on it’s forearm as indicated on the panel line mark on the forearm. This is shown below via the mount slot.

Of course, here’s the mount slot being utilized by the DODS Rifle.

III. Lower Body

Skirt Armor

For some reason, they made the armor the waist. Though the pads can be removed per configuration.

The DODS Rifle can also mounted on the back.


The legs is connected by a double jointed knee contraption as seen above. It can pivot on the upper thigh and bend and pivot at limited degree on the knee.

IV. Weapons and Accessories

AGE-1 doesn’t have much of accessories. Just shield, rifle, and beam swords. This excludes the extra effect parts of the hands and blade that also comes with a knife length beam.

The DODS (Drill-Orbital Discharge System) rifle can also be the paint gun mode used in one episode with Woolf testing Flit’s worthiness.

It can also be made into it’s Charge Shot mode.

V. Action Poses

The following poses were made to showcase the articulation of MG AGE-1 Normal.

VI. Don’t judge AGE-1 Normal the way you feel about the series.

The AGE-1 Series as poorly received due to the fans seeing the animation style too pre-pubescent. The story otherwise isn’t too bad, it is a compacted retelling of the conflicts since 0079 with some pacifism at the end. Somehow it can be related to the Crossbone storyline when it comes to the resolution.

The kit itself is well designed and very well thought of. The additional details and faithfulness to the function on the core really sold well to me. The PS material is one of the new things we saw in this kit. Though not really as well to Bandai’s it still a good improvement. I do hope they can make the plastic more softer in a way that the stress marks will not be too much of an issue when cut wrongly. Bandai already got the correct ratio in their PS kits lately.


  • Polystyrene based plastic.
  • Well articulated in the joints leading to more elaborate poses
  • The additional detail is such a good decision. Makes the AGE-1 more attractive. Almost at Ver. Ka level if you compare it to the original line art of AGE-1 in the anime.


  • Not much weapons, well it was this way in the anime.
  • I personally had no issues on building the kit and I really had a good time constructing it. I personally recommend getting the kit!

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