Review: MG 1/100 RX-93 Nu Gundam (Daban)

Gunpla builders eagerly awaited the release of Daban’s Nu Ver. Ka. People are so eager  on getting it after seeing it Daban’s initial prototype releases. Hundreds of these were shipped out to the Philippines initially and the supplies were not sufficient. I got it after a week or so of the initial batch starting the build almost immediately.

And now that I’ve built it (after a month due to office work!) I sit down to write the review. In some ways I some feel pressure. I feel that, because the Nu Gundam entry and was so hyped up! If it’s anything less than amazing I will have let some people down.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/100
Grade: Master Grade
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam  – Char’s Counter Attack
Price:  1400

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Before I get to the individual aspects of the review I want to take a moment to say how fresh it was to sit down with this kit. It seems that during the past two years or so we’ve been building  ordinary kits. To sit down with a kit that is none of those things, that shares no frame design similarities, that isn’t one of a series is refreshing. That’s a feeling I haven’t experienced much in the last couple of years and for that I thank Bandai (of course) and Daban by doing a great job on the kit.

Now let’s break the new Nu Gundam down.

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The Psyco Frame

I used the green psyco frame as I wanted it to have that ‘Awakened’ feel which was used in the Unicorn OVAs.

Thanks to the foil stickers, the clear parts are now more reflective and gives a more radiant detail than ever before.

The psyco frame mounted on the kit getting a little reflective thanks to the foil stickers underneath.

The HD Hand Manipulators Issue

The hands were a big part of concern on the kit. Bandai is doing a great deal of promotion for this kit and for good reason. Gone are the part swapping found in the Wing kits (bad) and the AGE kits (AGE-1 Titus) from last year (good). Now you get an RG/PG style hand. The hands themselves work amazingly well. The fingers are no problem to maneuver into position, and the design for the little tab that fits into the weapons was a stroke of genius on Bandai’s part. The downside to the design from Bandai and Daban? The wrist joint. The wrist joint is pushed into its place in the hand when you assemble the hand and it’s basically friction that holds it together. Stick the rifle, or the even heavier Bazooka into the hand and that little design can’t seem to handle it and will start to come apart leaving your weapons drooping.

Now, on to building the hands to which we’ve been monitoring on the other Facebook Groups. It seems that most of the people who encountered the bad hands are too heavy handed mostly new builders who jumped to Master Grade (MG) and felt that MG kits probably have the same difficulty regardless of the model.

But hey, regardless if this is a knock-off or original, you should always treat the kit with care. As anything will surely break if handled badly.

First, don’t cut it out using side-cutters or nippers. Carefully cut it with a sharp hobby knife with precision and utmost care. The material is soft, so you don’t really have to force cut it. Apply pressure carefully and move the knife forward and back to slice through the Polystyrene.

Now that you have clipped it, see the visuals in the manual on how to prepare and bend the fingers carefully. Be sure to isolate movement on one joint at all time as they may have sticked during the packaging process. But be assured, they are properly separated at the joints.

Bend the top finger, then twist the finger at the bottom joint. Remember to try and isolate the movement to that one joint. Hold the hands close to the joint being moved and twist carefully and surely.

Then once you have twisted them all, go back to the fingers doing the same one joint at a time.

Then try to do the full range and make the close fist pose to keep the joints compact and to avoid accidentally bending it too much to the other direction.

You can also attach it first.

Head  and Torso Unit

As you all well know, the RX-93 Nu Gundam Ver. Ka sports a hollow base to accommodate a LED unit, to which surprisingly is not included in the Daban kit. In exchange, they added in a double fin funnel set and  enough decals to do the Ver. GFT.

The slot to where the LED will be slid in with the base of the head module.

Here are some photos with the head module with a LED unit. Again, to emphasize the LED unit is not included in the kit. I just happen to have a spare.

Still too much light to it be noticeable in the pictures.

Now with long exposure to exaggerate the LED. This is exposed for 13 seconds to which kinda exaggerated the LED light strength.

Mounting the head back for some articulation test.

The head can do side to side and up and down as seen in the pictures.

Torso Psyco Frame

Sliding the chest plate will reveal the Psyco Frame. It’s not much, be sure to pull it out carefully.

As you may have noticed, I used the Ver. GFT (Gundam Front Tokyo) configuration as seen in the white armor plate below the chest vents. You can also see the psyco frame in the abdomen, this is done by releasing the lock on the Nu Gundam’s lower back and pulling the abdomen downward (carefully!) to reveal the hidden psyco frame.

The back boosters has no psyco frame like the Unicorn but it purges some armor plates and grants additional degrees of freedom to the boosters.


Arm And Hand Articulation

The arm has a pull out action as seen on the right shoulder in the photo above. The joint isn’t loosed enough so I’m having a limited movement in the photo, but you can hyper-extend it.

Extending it all the way out will give you a little more range to swivel the shoulder joint above. When done successfully, you will exceed the sample range above.

Nu Gundam has different design at the forearm. One being also a beam saber holder, but cannot do a tonfa configuration like the Unicorn in New Type Destroyer mode.

The arm with the Beam Saber.

The wrist has an acceptable range of motion being connected through a ball joint as usual.

The elbow joint is double jointed which gives it a good range of motion. Here it is demonstrating the left arm Beam Saber deployment.

The fingers are wonderfully articulated to naturally and realistically assume many poses, but their joints will tend to loosen over time. Fortunately, thanks to a two-peg connection, however, the hands can grip their weapons just fine. Each hand has a peg that folds out from its palm, each weapon has a peg that folds out from its handle, and they connect together quite solidly. The wrists, which have been a point of concern for some, seem to handle the weight of the weapons just fine.


The Arm Psyco Frame

A little sliding of the shoulder plates and forearm plates will reveal the psyco frames. Take note that the psyco frame in the upper arm region will need careful pulling as it is pretty tight.

Leg Joints

The leg joint to the hips uses a double swivel joint, the same with the ankles. Not bad, quite sturdy and may be a little bit too tight.

It can do a pretty acceptable split side ways.

Also double jointed on the knee, though not a full range of motion as one would expect, it is really sufficient enough to do elaborate poses with.

The ankles uses a double swivel joint this gives the feet with much more stability without sacrificing much articulation as opposed to ball joint to which has a higher failure rate.

Additional detail on the foot spikes used in Luna II battle.

It also has boosters.


And another one.

Actually, they’re a lot!

Leg Psyco Frame

To show the psyco frames, the leg will be needing to remove certain parts to unlock the sliding armors. 


As seen above.



Then sliding out the thigh psyco frame by releasing the lock behind the thigh. Then slide out the knee and calf psyco frame. See below images for the details.



Weapons And Accessories

Beam Sabers

Thanks to the double joints, the Large Beam Saber at the back can be easily reached.

So with the forearm sword when the shoulder joints fully extended out.


Beam Rifle

Typical Beam Rifle, the Ver Ka losing the pump up action that you see in the OVA. This one is similar to the other Beam Rifle but with a faster firing rate as seen in the OVA. VSBR doesn’t exist yet in 0093.



The shield is connected through the arms via a clamp with a combination of ball joint and swivel joint which adds articulation on the shield positioning as seen below. 


Hyper Bazooka

The Hyper Bazooka, now extends as an added feature. Typical Bazooka nonetheless.

Fin Funnels

The ‘Radiator Fins’ Gyunei Guss had mistaken for.

Daban included two sets of effect parts for the funnel. One for the original set and another one for the Double Fin Funnel set. This is not to be confused with the upcoming release of the Double Fin Funnel Custom Set which will have Psyco Frames embedded to them.

Here are the Fin Funnels attached to Nu Gundam in Awakened mode.

The Fin Funnels can be attached to the Amuro Ray stand via manipulators.

Amuro Ray Action Base and Fin Funnel Manipulators

They have joints which can be angled to the pose you want. They are pretty sturdy and holds very well.

The stand mounts on the backpack and the torso. That’s the purpose of the protruding plastic you can see below the backpack connector.

Back view of the manipulator connection to the Fin Funnel. 

RX-93 Nu Ver. Ka 10th Anniversary Kit of the Katoki Line.

The build experience is Okay. Though not your typical Daban experience.  As the kit itself is the basis of the MG 3.0 Line with the extra detail (sans the moving/sliding armor when the arms/legs are moved). This is a milestone kit for Daban as it is currently the pinnacle of their production quality. They have done the HD manipulator hands justice. Though not 100%, it is still a bangin’ good job from them.


  • Plastic consistency is great.
  • Articulation is Superb.
  • Panel line definition is on point.
  • Joints are tight!
  • Water decals!
  • Free Fin Funnel for the the Double Fin Funnel Configuration.
  • Red Psyco Frame for the Ver. GFT (Gundam Front Tokyo) conversion.


  • The joints may be a little to tight at times, so be very careful.
  • Will be needing the included Amuro Ray action base for posing as the Fin Funnels are back heavy.
  • May demand extra care on building, but if you know what you’re doing, disregard this point. Else, you are being informed.

I’d recommend the kit, I personally like the colors, articulations is as expected of the Nu Ver Ka.

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