Review: 1/144 HGUC AMS-129M Zee Zulu (Daban)

The  Zee Zulu is a modded Geara Zulu as referenced in the anime. It was a gift from the Sleeves to the Earth based Zeon Remnants to assist on the Torrington attack. Zee Zulu according to the data book, is designed to be able to fight in the space as well but mostly for close-quarter combat.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn
Price: 400PHP (as of posting).

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Part 1: Box, Runners, and Manual

We have previously posted an unboxing photo review here. So, for a quick recap see the slide show below.

Part 2: Head Unit

The head unit is almost your off the mill Geara Zulu head except for the hose which is dangling here. The hose is supposed to be connected to the torso unit and then to a breathing apparatus to give that full Navy underwater assault feel.

Part 3: Torso Unit

The body unit is designed to look like it has a floatation device. Also the backpack is still your typical booster (but the HGUC kit dropped the booster on the model). The shoulder armor is now mounted on the torso unit as opposed to the Space variant Geara Zulus.

Part 4: Arm Unit

The arm unit is  streamlined a bit to look minimalistic as much as possible since it comes to mind that marine/navy special ops in wetsuits don’t really have much bulk do they?

Part 5: Waist Unit

The waist unit is typical Geara Zulu, just added the oxygen tank mounting hole on the front skirt.

Part 6: Leg Unit

The legs ditched the booster mounts on the sides. Other than that, it is a typical Geara Zulu leg. Same articulations and movement range.

Part 7: Weapons and Add-ons

Hydro Jets

The Hydro Jets mounts on the backpack and can be purged when the Zee Zulu is on land.

Ballast Tanks

The Ballast Tank is almost just pure gimmick to add on the Special Ops feel of the Zee Zulu. it mounts on the front skirt and can also be purged when Zee Zulu is on land.

Heat Knife

The Heat Knife looks like your typical Commando/Combat Knife with matching sheath. It is mounted on the back side of the waist armor.  It looks really neat on the Zee Zulu.

Beam Rifle + Container

The Beam Rifle is your typical rifle just with a special packaging (container). I personally liked this part of the Zee Zulu. Thanks to that particular scene where the Zee Zulu lands on the Torrington Base then purges all the swimming gear then unmounts the container then brings out the rifle.

Heat Claws

The Heat Claws is mounted on the forearms and also can be purged when on land combat. It has a full range of motion from being hidden to deployed.

Swimming Fins

This is almost just pure gimmick due to the Zee Zulu having Hydro Jets and for reasons that you don’t expect an 18m mecha to paddle! Nevertheless it looks neat that the Zee Zulu really looks like a Navy Seal operative.

Extra Hands

All in all, the Zee Zulu has three pairs of hands. One being the default hands for wielding the Heat Knifes, then the trigger and open palm set, and then the old default hands for holding grenades in the other Geara Zulu.

Part 8: Zee Zulu Ocular Before Deployment


Thanks to the Zee Zulu, Captain.

I find the kit as novelty release. I love it that it looks like a special Navy/Marine operative. Plus the articulations isn’t that bad either.

it can reach back for the Heat Knife.

The arms can move forward a bit to get the rifle position just right.

Not bad considering the new shoulder armor limited the arm movement.

But with proper twisting and shoulder angle, you can make up for the restrictions.

Fun Fact: There were only three Zee Zulus deployed.

Aside from I don’t have a good header for the closing remarks. The kit Okay in terms of articulation, and what not. But I do really like how the kit looks, the vibe it gives. It feels like a Navy Seal out of the water with it styling cues. Too bad, the EFGF equivalent isn’t as cool as the Zee Zulus.


  • Gimmicks by means of the equipment is really cool
  • Plastic consistency is as expected of Daban
  • The color is consistent to the hues in the OVA


  • Limited articulation on the shoulder, but not that much.

I personally had no issues on building the kit and I really had a good time constructing it. I personally recommend getting the kit!

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