Review: 1/144 HGUC RGZ-95C ReZEL Type-C [defenser-B unit GR] (Daban)

Fun fact! “RGZ”‘ stands for Refined Gundam Zeta, while the name ‘“ReZEL”‘ stands for Re-fined Zeta-Gundam Escort Leader. The ReZEL is the next generation model after the Re-GZ (Refined Zeta Gundam) was deemed a failure (as even Amuro Ray had difficulties using the said unit and production costs). In the anime, the ReZEL line was a redesigned Jegan frame with transformation elements of Methuss and ZII. Now let’s proceed to the review!

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam – Unicorn
Price: 450PHP (as of posting)

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Part 1: Box, Runners, and Manual

The kit is very typical Daban. The plastic is a bit shiny, details are as of expected (better than GaoGao). Consistency in cutting is great, no hard then suddenly gets squishy.

Some of the parts in the ReZEL Type-C is of course from the regular ReZEL. Thus some of these parts will not be used.

Part 2: Head Unit

The head is inspired by GM design cues but updated to the late UC design philosophy. They almost look like similar to the Hyaku Shiki.

Part 3: Torso Unit

Notice the arms mount, like the other ReZEL this one sports a ball joint. Its very tight and mounting the arm is a little difficult, but that’s a good thing since it won’t wear out fast. The cons of this set up is, though it has the typical range of motion, the arms can’t extend forward or backward. It almost feel more restrictive.

Part 4: Arm Unit

Typical arm movement for a high grade model.

Part 5: Waist Unit

The waist is almost typical, but due to the transformative nature of the kit, the pivoting at the crotch is forgone. It can’t twist at the crotch unlike the other HGUCs in the Unicorn line.

Part 6: Leg Unit

This feature is the one similar to the Methuss, it looks weird but that’s 180 degrees.

The leg makes up for the lack of articulation in the crotch. The legs can be twisted near the thigh joint to the waist unit, plus the ability to do 180 degrees at the knees as this is essential to the transformation.

Part 7: Weapons and Add-ons

Shield + Beam Gun

Mega Particle Canon Boosters for Box Unit – Backpack

The Box Unit is a back pack technology utilized by the ReZEL which allows it to mount different packages. The booster package is similar to the Tallgeese but with more boosters. It also packs an additional Mega Particle Cannon on the top.

Mega Beam Launchers

The Mega Beam Launcher, that was developed from the RX-78-4 program. The ReZEL sports two of these which is mounted together through the Box Unit. it mounts similar to a bazooka.

Part 8: Complete: ReZEL Type-C (defesner-b Unit) in General Revil Colors


The thing’s a juggernaut when in Waverider mode.

Not seen much here, but the ReZEL Type-C defenser-b has foregone the mounts for carrying an additional MS like in the ReZEL.

It has so much booster capacity.

Refined Zeta

The build experience is Okay. Very typical Daban experience. The kit is huge for it standards (1/144 HGUC) and requires an Action Base-1 if you want to pose it. I can’t begin to imagine how huge would the 1/100 be. Anyway, it so worth it to get the kit specially if you’re into grunt unit. The unit is kind of overkill being compared to other grunt units, even for a Commander Type.

So, is it really better than the predecessor ReGZ?

That was a pun on the lore of the kit. I don’t have the ReGZ at the moment due to it being really dated kit. So, instead let’s get into the specifics of the kit.

The arm, as was stated above is a typical HGUC articulation. It can be moved side as illustrated above.

But the ball joint makes impossible to move the arms at the shoulder forwards, though it can rotate a bit, but not much. I prefer that they implemented it in a way similar to the Jesta/GMII Sniper custom, it would have allowed a more forgiving articulation. I’m not saying that it was that bad, but it could have been designed better.

The legs as seen above is capable of MG-level articulation, currently it seems to be the standards to the later release thanks to the HGBF standards.

The feet also can be moved in such way above, but this was allowed to because of the kit being a transformable one. At least it wasn’t a swap out part like those on Delta Plus.


  • Plastic consistency is great.
  • Articulation is Okay.
  • It’s huge for a 1/144, thanks to all the weapon gimmickry.


  • The shoulder-arm joint could’ve use a different connection, still okay though.
  • May need Action Base-1 to manage the size of the kit when posing as a waverider.
  • It can’t mount an MS when in waverider mode unlike those on a regular ReZEL, well Commander units aren’t really obligated to piggy back lower ranks anyway!

I’d recommend the kit, I personally like the colors, articulations is as expected of a HGUC kit, but the legs are such a treat at an HG level. Be sure to get an Action Base-1 if you want to display it when in Waverider mode.

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