REVIEW: 1/100 MG OZ-00MS2 Tallgeese III (Dragon Momoko)


This kit is an original Dragon Momoko release, by that we mean there’s no MG 1/100 release by Bandai. Though there was a HG 1/100 during the release of Gundam Wing Endless Waltz OVA in the late 90s. I will try to differentiate the kit to the two earlier Tallgeeses that was released by Daban. For your reference, here’s the link for the older review of Tallgeese I by Daban.

Manufacturer: Dragon Momoko
Scale: 1/100
Grade: Master Grade – After Colony
Origin: New Mobile Report: Gundam Wing – Endless Waltz (OVA) Price: 850php (as of posting).

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Part 1: Box, Runners, and Manual

The manual, just like in the Geminass release features the finished and detailed Tallgeese III. There’s no text in the manual other than those found in the build instruction part. It looks like a gallery of the detailed build. Unlike those of Bandai with suit info and background stories.

The whites are a little glossier than those found in Bandai.

The kit comes with an extra heat whip in transparent orange to resemble the activated heat whip effect part. The Dragon Momoko release of Epyon also has the same whip, to which caused the kit’s high fetching price of more than 900-1000php.

The PC parts are softer by KO standards, it feels softer than Bandai. This means that the joints they are used for can get easily worn out. It’s something you trade for when you want to try copy Bandai’s consistency on the tightness. I’d rather have a tighter/thicker PC parts and/or pegs for a better secure fit. It’s easier to trim the peg down than to thicken it.

The kit comes with water slide decals specifically designed for the Tallgeese III as the earlier HG only has foil stickers.

Part 2: Head Unit

The head unit is similar to the two earlier Tallgeses. The head has the modified crest that is different on each variation of the Tallgeeses. The visor is slide on, though a bit loose due to Dragon Momoko’s design, but it’s nothing that a little plastic cement can’t fix.

Part 3: Torso Unit


The torso is very similar to the other Tallgeese. Their main difference is just the colorways.

Part 4: Arm Unit

Still the same across the three Tallgesses with regards to articulation except the colors and of course Tallgeese III’s additional shoulder guard which is just a slide on.

Part 5: Waist Unit

The skirt is also the same with the earlier Tallgeese iterations.

Part 6: Leg Unit

Same with the legs, just in plain white.

Part 7: Booster Pack and Weapons

Booster Pack

The booster pack is all blue other than a white wing. Nothing much.

Mega Beam Cannon

The Mega Beam Launcher seems to be sourced from the HG Tallgeese and was designed for improvements. It comes with an effect part for the expanding rails of the launcher. It really looks like a rail gun than a beam launcher.

Shield with Retractable Heat Rod

The Shield seems to be redesigned almost from ground up. It still has the dock for the shoulder, the two beam sabers mounted on a moveable joint and the heat whip, similar to that of Epyon.

The whip comes in two set. The normal and heat activated one as seen above.

Part 8:Inner Frame & Completed Tallgeese


Part 9: Tallgeese III in Action

Tallgeese on Conversion Parts Galore

The kit is indeed a full fledged MG-class Tallgeese III. It was kinda easy to do it, yet Bandai decided not to release it to the public (as of posting), maybe it was an issue with marketing decisions.  Regardless, the kit really is just a Tallgeese base suit with a different color way and some parts sourced from the HG Tallgeese 1/100 adjusted and remolded to fit the MG frame. To say, some of these parts feels like they were made from scratch and did not go through the normal CAD design process. Still, Dragon Momoko have outdone themselves on putting effort and attention for the Tallgeese III release.

Soft and Loose Polycaps (PC)

Dragon Momoko releases has this tendency to try to copy Bandai’s fitting too much. Sure the plastic slides snuggly to the peg holes thus ensuring a good close. Not too tight, not too loose. Just right, but this is risky for a KO release as there much larger margin for error to which manifested on the Tallgeese’s PC parts used in… well the joints.

The shoulder armor for one is too lose, it has some friction/traction but being the PCs being soft, they are worn out easily. It can be remedied by painting the peg to add some thickness to stuffing something to the joint (plastic or molding it with some epoxy/resin to add thickness). Once you fixed that it’ll be more than acceptable.

On the weapons, the mechanism they added to the Mega Beam Cannon’s trigger makes handling of the weapon pleasant. Unlike the other two Tallgeese, the kit ends up holding the weapon in an awkward manner and can be quite frustrating since it limits the movement on the arm. The shield of Tallgeese III though looks fantastic is really quite not done welldue to the shield handle missing the slot for the hand to lock in when holding. Regardless, the shield is mounted on the shoulder and the shield handle seemed to be placed there for aesthetic purposes.

Yes, like the other two Tallgeeses, Tallgeese III still has some balance issues. It can stand, but with difficulties due to the booster packs.


  • Great mechanical design overall.
  • Effect parts! And it is actually cheaper than DM Epyon.
  • The Tallgeese III parts seemed to be built up from scratch which gives it that conversion kit feel and look.
  • No Bandai release, so this is the best thing you can get versus a full Tallgeese III resin conversion kit.


  • Soft PC parts = gets worn out faster.
  • Still has difficulties finding the sweet spot when trying to stand. The knee’s PC parts isn’t helping too.
  • Not really a CON, but DM could have killed it if they went all out and didn’t rush the job just to catch up on Daban’s release.
  •  Still, it is job well done!

I would still recommend getting this kit nonetheless. Since releases of the Endless Waltz OVA MGs  is nowhere in the 2014 release map of Bandai. So, this is the closest thing you can have for completing it.
You can still convert the other Endless Waltz OVA, by changing the colorways and getting the custom parts from the earlier HG 1/100 releases.

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