DABAN Review: 1/144 HGUC AMX-009 Dreissen [Unicorn Ver.]

HGUC Dreissen [Unicorn Version] box posing
The latest iteration of the DOM-class heavy armor assault mobile suit as seen in Unicorn Gundam OVA.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Gundam Unicorn OVA Ep 3
Price: 400php (as of posting).
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Let’s get on with the review!

Part 1: Runners

Being a Daban Model release the details are nicely done and is of relatively high quality with respect to the other knock-off brands. The panel line deets are definitive. The plastic is of the right consistency through out the kit. None too soft or not too crispy for a lack of a better word. Part/color separations are  the typically expected of the late released HGs. It will need a little painting here and there but this kit certainly works great even out of the box.

The nice thing about Daban Model is that they like to throw in little extras with their kit. In the case of Dreissen, they added in three transparent plastic connectors/sticks for the Tri-blade funnels of Dreissen as an effect part.

Runner A
Runner B
Runner C1
Runner C2
Runner D1
Runner D2
Runner E
Effect parts courtesy of Daban Model
Manual cover

Part 2: Head Unit

The head unit is straightforward. The typical DOM head, cross-movement mono-eye. Being a HG model, some details are foregone. The mono-eye is just a a sticker so it will be permanently fixed at one position.

Part 3: Torso Unit

The torso unit is pretty straightforward. Not much gimmickry, the upper limb joints has added articulation. It can move upwards a little and forward and backward some. This small addition to the degrees of freedom the arm movements can make.

On the next two photos, I have swapped the Javelin holder and bazooka mount with a Tri-Blade funnel. This is a nice detail with the Dreissen. The kit can switch equipment rather easily.

Dreissen with the javelin & bazooka mount configuration.
Dreissen with the Tri-Blade configuration.

Part 4: Arm Unit

The arm unit has the typical degrees of freedom of the new HG standard. 90 degrees of freedom on the  elbow joint. The forearm cover has the tri-barrel beam weapon underneath which the cover can be mounted back a little as seen in the OVA. The kit also comes with an extra pair of close-fisted hands which will be shown further down the post.

Showing the tri-barrel beam mount in the forearm armor.
The 90 degrees of freedom on the elbow joint.

Part 5: Waist Unit

The waist unit is pretty big compared to the other units. Even with the Kshatriya. The remarkable detail about the unit is that the front armor are already separated. This means that the left skirt armor has its own degrees of freedom from the right skirt armor. Typically HG have them connected and simple mods can be done by just cutting between the connector to have that extra mobility. In the Dreissen’s case you don’t need to this anymore for it is already separated.

Part 6: Leg Unit

The legs is remarkably bulky and huge. Still it has that typical degree of freedom of 90 degrees on the knee joint. The feet can move side to side a little,  it could also rotate 360 because it is connected via a ball joint but due to the boosters (4!) hidden away on the calf, this 360 rotation is hampered.  Well it surely makes Dreissen look like McDonald’s Grimace.

Left leg tilted forward and bent 90 degrees on the knee joint
This shows the hidden four boosters on the calf armor. No wonder it’s bell bottomed!

Part 7: Weapons & Other Extras

The extra close fisted hands.
The Tri-Blades comes in two sets. Set one being the closed/docked mode seen earlier attached to the back-pack unit on the torso. The other set is the deployed mode which can later be attached to the effect parts.
The deactivated heat sword. Weird, this is a dated weapon yet the Dreissen is still being equipped with it since its deployment in UC 0088!
Well, beam sabres existed in the Zeon Camp since the one-year war (case to point the Gelgoogs has beam naginatas). Well this is definitely a nod to the DOM series perhaps because…
…The Dreissen do come with beam melee weapons! A beam javelin/tomahawk hybrid spear weapon. Two sets of it so that you wouldn’t need to separate and re attach the weapon. Just the beam effect parts! Thus preventing you from accidentally breaking it.
The giant bazooka, similar to Sinanju but undockable. Notice the missing mount points on the top. So, no you can’t equip it to Sinanju’s long-range beam rifle.

Part 8: Dreissen Ready for Sortie!

Here are some of the photos of the completed Dreissen.

Part 9: Some Action Poses

Here’s some action poses that aims to max out the articulation of the kit.

Here’s the first of the photos with the effect parts. I mounted it on the stand that came with the Qubeley by Model Comprehend. The effect parts can be mounted on the same slots you mount the Tri-Blades deactivated mode on the back pack

Dreissen, trying to do the box art action pose.


The Daban Quality and Detail
As the other Daban Model releases, the quality is as good as it gets to the original Bandai releases. The plastic really has that good consistency throughout the kit. None to soft, not too thick or hard. Smooth cutting with either side cutters and hobby knife.

The plastic though is a little glossier that may give it a cheaper look but the quality otherwise do not. If you have build a recent HGUC Daban release, you know what I’m saying about.

It wouldn’t be fair if I were to compare an HGUC release to a MG level articulation. So I will rate it accordingly to the typical HGUC-standard releases.

  • Head: Typical connection, but due to the design of the Dreissen’s head movements are limited.
  • Shoulder: Added degrees of freedom on the joint but due to the bulky shoulder armor, much movement were loss. Typical.
  • Elbow: 90 degrees of freedom, Typical.
  • Wrist: Can rotate but due to the Tri-Barrel mount, the movements are a little hampered. Typical otherwise.
  • Waist: Can rotate a bit but due to pipes and huge body, a little constricted. Good enough.
  • Skirt Armor: Skirt armor is great due to the separation of the skirt.
  • Hip: The thighs are huge, thus may hamper further movement. It still typical articulation but suffers from the bulk and very functional still.
  • Knee: Typical 90 degrees of freedom.
  • Ankle: Normal, same as the hip issue but still functional.

Final Word

The details are very good, the deets on the panel line is as good as it gets out of the box. Deep enough for easy lining with a Gundam Marker. The color is as near as it gets to the original Bandai patinas.

I would definitely recommend this kit. I will be posting more on the Gundam Unicorn Series of the High Grade Universal Century Line. I really want to collect the whole Unicorn OVA in 1/144 after all!



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