Review: 1/100 MG OZ-00MS Tallgeese I (DABAN)

Like most 90s kid out there, Gundam Wing was my first exposure to the Gundam World, and as such I’ve always had this fondness towards the Wing Gundam and the Tallgeese. Click the bump for the full review.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/100
Grade: Master Grade
Origin: Gundam W: Endless Waltz – Glory of Losers
Price: 700php (as of posting).
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I’m going to be judging Tallgeese using three criteria:

  • The quality of the overall build; the level of difficulty and how enjoyable it was
  • Aesthetics and color separation; how good does the kit look straight-built
  • Pose-ability and range of motion; is this a Gundam or a brick?

Part 1: Runners

Being a Daban Model release the details are nicely done and is of relatively high quality with respect to the other knock-off brands. The panel line deets are definitive. The plastic is of the right consistency through out the kit. None too soft or not too crispy for a lack of a better word. Part/color separations are as expected of a MG kit. No need to paint, but of course, no one is stopping you. I dropped runner A to which it got separated at some connections. You might think that a piece is missing on Runer A, no that how it looks out of the box.

No other extras out of the box other than the stickers.

Part 2: Head Unit

The head unit is a little different. There’s no inner frame, but what you find is a Leo head. It doesn’t have any gimmicks. No slots yet for the LED. Typical ball joint connector. Yes the Tallgeese head is more of a mask.

I used a blue sharpie to color the back of the transparent plastic to give that hint of blue on the visor.

Part 3: Torso Unit

Very typical innerframe, not gimmicks at all. Only a connector to the two giant boosters units.

Part 4: Arm Unit

Due to the design of the shoulder armor, it can be a little tricky to move the arm about. The shoulder armor’s joints is tight which holds the pose better, but in exchange it could be a little difficult to move the shoulder as a whole. The shoulder can be moved very little forward and back. It can be moved up and down  but limited due to the bulk of the shoulder armor. There’s a hole on the shoulder armor where the Dober gun and shield can be attached to.

The articulation in the arms are pretty good at the elbows, but due to the armor detail, most of it are taken out of the the shoulders and upper arms. As the boosters tend to get in the way when moving the arms. They do get full 360 rotation [arms] as well as 360 degrees beneath the shoulder. It has a ball joint on the wrist, sadly the fingers are fixed posed.

Part 5: Waist Unit

The waist unit is pretty bare. Much of the front skirt is foregone, side skirts are boosters. The back skirt armor is still there but with BOOSTERS! The crotch is pretty narrow due to the bulk of the thighs but somehow it does the job.

Part 6: Leg Unit

The Tallgeese’s legs looks like it drawed inspiration from equestrian uniforms. Despite the bulge, the leg unit still does the required articulation of an MG-class kit. Double jointed knee, ability to pivot at the thigh joint and all that. The knee however has restricted movement due to in the way it was designed. Due to the gimmick piston, it is limited in movement.

A closer look on what’s causing the restricted articulation.

Part 7: Booster and Weapons

Aside from the obvious two giant boosters, the weapons included with the Tallgeese are the Dober gun, and two beam sabers mounted to the back of the shield, the other accessory being the shield. The Dober gun, and shield has this great color separation and look fantastic hanging off of the Tallgeese. The Tallgeese can either connect these pieces to the shoulder armor through a little arm joint you can plug in to the gun and shoulder, or you can peg them in to the hands, and hold them freely. This is where my biggest frustration with the kit comes into play. When the gun and shield are pegged into the shoulders of the Tallgeese, you can also attach them to the arms, but this severely restricts your mobility, actually it is that hard and frustrating to pose.  What I did was to attach it to the hands first before pegging it with the connector to the shoulder.

The backpack boosters have this gimmick where f you hold the top and bottoms of the pods, and pull, they open to reveal internal detail and thrusters.

The Dober gun has a built in spring mechanism that allows you to pull the barrel back and watch it pop forward. While cool in theory, its not something that you’ll toy with very often, and trying to get the spring to fit where its supposed to gave me a little bit of a hard time.
Notice the blue hue on the camera? It was done through applying silver marker on the gun and blue marker on the transparent part so that it would give that gem/rhinestone look.

Part 8: Tallgeese I COMPLETE

Here’s some photos of the completed Tallgeese I, with inner frame snips.

As far as an inner-frame this kit actually has less of one than the Gundams in the EW line. The legs have somewhat of an internal working with some sliding parts, but nothing very detailed. Definitely not an inner frame detailing project. A good portion of what would have been inner frame actually seems to be sacrificed to aid color separation

Even without the panel lines or paint, Tallgeese looks just fantastic (I forgot to take pictures w/o the panel lines)

Here you can see how long the rifle is. It’s basically the size of the Tallgeese itself. It provides a nice counterweight to balance the size of the boosters.

Part 9: Tallgeese, the reason I made it this far was because of you.

Here are some dynamic poses with the completed Tallgeese I.

Although this kit can hold some cool poses, this is probably the Tallgeese’s weak point. The first problem comes from the shoulder armor and shoulder joints. These things are big, and they get in the way any time you try to move the arms. The legs are quite bulky as well and they only bend a little bit past 90 degrees.

Another problem I encountered is that the entire model is quite back-heavy when standing. The boosters are much heavier than they look. This can remedied by positioning the Dober gun well.

POW! Fully open, additionally the fins on the sides of each pod can be moved out to give a more ‘full open’ look to the pod, and also moves the little thruster inside.

The gun looks cool hanging off the side of the suit and compliments the bulk of the mobile suit.

Frustrations and Limitations

Notice the Dober gun has this weird way of positioning itself? It’s the problem that Bandai has that was of course copied by Daban since it is 1:1 copy. This is caused by the connector of the Dober gun to the armor and maybe since its just huge.

It can be solved by disconnecting it first and setting the gun to be connected to the hands first.

Once you’re satisfied with the pose, now you can painstakingly attach it back and negotiate the pose. It can really be frustrating.

The same solution can be done with the shield.

For all the 90s kids.

As the other Daban Model releases, the quality is as good as it gets to the original Bandai releases. The plastic really has that good consistency throughout the kit. Not too soft, not too thick or hard. Smooth cutting with either side cutters and hobby knife.

The plastic though is a little glossier that may give it a cheaper look but the quality otherwise do not.

The kit is great build for anyone who fancies the Wing TV series. It is molded with great color separation in mind. Great color scheme with the right amount of gray that breaks out the white. It has neat gimmicks included are all really fun to build and fun to execute. There’s movable armor in some very cool places, and all the boosters! Who would say no to buying this guy?


  • Great mechanincal design overall
  • Fun build
  • Great color seperation
  • Poseable enough


  • Backpack can cause some balance issues
  • Legs can’t move backward, pods can interfere with arm degree of freedom
  • Weapon pegs when combined with the arms can be really frustrating.
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