Burst! “Gundam Conquest” Android version download!

Click to download: Burst! “Gundam Conquest” Android version download!

The long-awaited “Gundam Conquest” (Gundam co-wrote it because Eri strike) and finally in the shelves today, but this time we will be able to experience the closure how up to Bandai’s latest game fun! This changed in the past as a strategic play, it is worth a try too!

Is completely unimaginable “Gundam Conquest” played like Sega’s “Kingdom ConquestII” as set construction, education city, in a battle! Beginning novice teaching experience will take you first to the city mode, Town mode to perform detailed full 3D screen, where you can earn rich rewards, but requires manual operation up to complete the task of destroying the enemy, played like Diablo Like, up there lightsaber attacks, laser gun shooting and onrush system, in addition, the player also has the button combos free to use!



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