Finally! The last piece of the stolen units under Le Creuset Team. Here comes the first mobile suit of Kira Yamato’s rival,

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/100
Grade: Master Grade – Gundam Seed
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam Seed
Price: 900PHP (as of posting).

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Part 1: Head Unit

Part 2: Torso Unit

Part 3: Arm Unit

Part 4: Waist Unit

Part 5: Leg Unit

Part 6: Weapons and Add-ons


60mm High Energy Beam Rifle

“Scylla” 580mm Multi-phase Energy Cannon

Beam Saber

Beam Rifle + Shield

Part 7: Completed Aegis Gundam

Part 8: Gimmick and Poses

One of the few kits that the open hatch gimmick is noticeable once used. Athrun Zala can be easily seen.

Works better with the Action Base

Close enough to the box art 🙂

lookin good with all those effect parts for beam sabers

Part 9: Mobile Armor mode

The MA mode “arms/claw” has no way of locking in place. You have to manually align each arm in coordination with the other three.


  • Plastic quality is good.
  • Stickers are well made. Decals easily applied.
  • All accessories can be mounted in the unit for both MS and MA mode.


  • Slight issue on the ankles.
  • Loose waist joint due to transformation.
  • Needs an Action Base to be posed properly.

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