Review: 1/144 HGUC RGM-86R GM III (Daban)

I don’t remember if there was an earlier release for an HG GMIII aside from this iteration of HGUC GMIII. This release is more of a nod to the appearance of the GMIII in one of the Unicorn episodes.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam – Zeta
Price: 350PHP (as of posting).

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Part 1: Head Unit

The head still resembles the glass visor of a GM, though being just an HG model, you don’t see much of the detail beyond the visor, unless you do some detailing and not simply build it out of the box.

Part 2: Torso Unit

The core uses the same design of the GMII but sports the booster pack of RX-178 Gundam Mk. II. This makes it more of a powered GMII.

Part 3: Arm Unit

The arm’s pretty much the same but with added padded armor underneath the shoulder. That’s the color blue-green. Other than that, it has the same articulation and range of motion.

Part 4: Waist Unit

The waist uses the the same unit of the GMII.

Part 5: Leg Unit

The leg unit is a powered GMII leg. It sports a similar leg mounted booster of the Mk. II. This makes the GMIII even more bulkier and more formidable.

Part 6: Weapons and Add-ons

Beam Rifle

Well, the beam rifle isn’t as intimidating as the bulky GMIII. Still a small rifle compared to the Gundam prototypes and transformable suits which mostly are long-range rifles.


The shield is the same that was given to RX-78-2 since 0079.

4-Tube Medium Missile Pod (Shoulder)

The missile pods are placed on the shoulders. This is why there are slots on the shoulder armor. They have included effect parts for open cover for the missiles.

2-Tube Large Missile Pod (Side Skirt)

The large missiles are attached to the side skirts. The red cover also pops out to reveal the missiles. Sorry, no missiles provided.

Part 7: Completed GM III

Not that I’m using a wide lens, it’s just that the GMIII a little too wide. As seen below, the holes for the shoulder mount is visible on the back.

It really looks like a powered GM. The articulation isn’t bad either so you can do lots of posing with it.

Part 8: GMIII Ready for Sortie!

About time they release a GMIII  HG model.

The GMIII never had a proper/updated 1/144 release before. Great thing that Bandai released one with an updated articulation based on the HGBF standard. Though some armor parts/accessories hinders motion. It is still very much appreciated that Bandai covered this major EFSF unit.

Great for army/platoon builds

Being a major grunt unit in the Unicorn/Late UC 0090 before being fully replaced by Jegans, the GMs are mostly stationed as ground units. This is prevalent on the Dakar campaign of Zeons as most of the defendants are GM IIs and IIIs. This makes up for good dioramas and much customization if you want to make a fictional platoons.


  • Accessories includes the powered parts, such as missile launchers.
  • They are detachable (powered parts) thus you can also downgrade them to standard GMIII
  • Articulation follows the HGBF standard. This means this kit is better compared to the Z/ZZ releases back in the early 2000s


  • Accessories may hinder some range of motions

The kit is great in my personal standard as the articulation is above expectations (being aligned to the HGBF standard) which makes it more or less almost on par with MG articulation (double jointed limbs, being able to pivot on the thighs, and ball socketed shoulder joint that allows better range of movement)

Weirdly enough, some same time release in the Unicorn series are not using the HGBF standard, but a direct reiteration/re-release of older kits such as the Jegan line.

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