Review: 1/144 HGUC RGM-179 GM II (Daban)

The GM II is actually old and needs a HGUC release badly. The last release was a 1980 non-grade kit. I personally like this kit, the articulations is great, not double jointed but they are a delight.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam – Zeta
Price: 350PHP (as of posting).

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Part 1: Head Unit

Part 2: Torso Unit

Part 3: Arm Unit

Part 4: Waist Unit

Part 5: Leg Unit

Part 6: Weapons and Add-ons

Beam Rifle


Part 7: GM II Ready for Sortie

Part 8: EFF Ground Troop

GM II Ready For Army Build

The kit being a High Grade have limited mobility here and there, but they added some little things that I personally find amusing.

The head is simple and very drone/generic if one may say.

The core if you notice is of course sourced from the RX-78-2. After all that’s the V-Project was all about, the prototype of Earth Federation’s mass produced mobile suit.

The skirt is pretty plain and simple. Don’t forget that the front skirt can be cut and separated for added detail.

The elbow is double jointed which is great.

Which allows poses like the one above. It can actually draw the beam saber.

The shoulder is joined via a ball joint which means you can push it forward like so on the picture above. It is almost you can dislocate it for additional freedom of movement.

The back pack is rather simple. Too bad the sticker isn’t foil so the back pack camera is rather dull.

The legs can twist on the thigh thanks to the pivot joint. Though the knees can only move for 90-degrees, the additional joint on the foot helped for additional articulation.

Too bad I don’t have a hyper javelin, I wasn’t able to do the pose I wanted to show the ankle articulation.

The beam rifle is standard issue. Too small if you ask me. It also comes with a trigger hand effect part.

Shield is standard issue. The same one with RX-78-2 and GM III. Only the Jegans had the different design. But then, the GMs are now only Earth bound. As the Jegans and Nemo was the primarily used now for Space deployment.

Its Cheap And You Should Get It By Bulk

I only got one GMII for now for review purposes. I plan to get more for diorama granted I find the time and inspiration. I already have a trio of HGUC Jestas for the Black Tri-Stars collection. Hopefully Daban will release them soon.


  • Ball-jointed shoulder connection allows more articulation.
  • Double-jointed elbow allows you to actually reach the beam saber.
  • You can pivot at the thigh.
  • Simple, not much panel lines looks clean.


  • The knees can definitely use double joints, but they’re not too bad.
  • Weapon set is few. Definitely needs bazooka or Hyper Javelin.

Though a grunt, I high recommend getting the kit as you can try doing or starting diorama with it.  The articulation is just enough, none to flashy and you can still do much elaborate poses with it.

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