Review: 1/144 HG BearMo Beargguy (Bear Model)

Now that we have unboxed Beargguy, we can now proceed on checking the build out!

Manufacturer: Bear Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Gunpla Builders Beginning G
Origin: Gunpla Builders Beginning G
Price: 550PHP (as of posting).

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You may have noticed from the unboxing post that there are Beargguy parts in the kit. The main differnce in the  Pink Bearguy release is that it has the core head part. This allows us to fully build the bear head.

The head core which is only included with the Pink Bearguy is not included in Acguy Ver GFT release.

Part 1: Head Unit

Part 2: Torso Unit

Part 3: Arm Unit

Part 4: Waist Unit

There’s no waist unit.

Part 5: Leg Unit

Part 6: Weapons and Add-ons

Clawed Arm

Extra Booster Pack

Arm Extender

The arm extender effect parts is a set of modules as seen above. Which you can combine and make it longer. It has some articulation to it, but very very limited.

Part 7: Completed Acguy Ver. GFT

Acguy has so many stickers for it that Beargguy has only for it’s eyes. Regardless, Bearmo included the same stickers that the Acguy has with this kit.

Part 8: Beargguy Trying Hard Kawaii Poses

I hope BearMo will release other kits.

This kit has almost no difference with the Acguy release that the other kit’s review will also apply to this one.  The two kits share the same mold. The kit itself isn’t that remarkable but somehow the first few weeks of it’s release that stocks are flying off the shelves.

Now that I have both, there’s nothing much to say other than I like the brown more.

The kit is great the details are just fine but some of the collar details are a bit shallow/washed up. The kit is somewhat undergated which lessens the chance of having stressed gates.

The ears can twist as seen above. The connections may need a little work if you want it to seal properly.

Having the same body of the Acguy, the Beargguy also suffers the limited articulation.

The backpack is white, but the good thing is that the kit comes with the default Acguy booster parts.

It may not look like a booster pack, but it is!

Realistically, it can’t reach it flute from it’s back.


  • Plastic quality is good.
  • Stickers are well made, but you won’t need them
  • You can change to brown Bearguy, but shade is darker.


  • Limited articulations on the arms
  • No waist
  • Arms pops out a lot

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