Review: 1/48 MegaSize RX-78-2 (Daban)

If you have been visiting the blog regularly, you might have seen the unboxing of the MegaSize RX-78-2 here. This post will focus on the review of the kit.

Not to spoil, but to set expectation–this kit is no Perfect Grade. Kit scale/size do not correspond always to a single/particular grade. To know more what is a Mega Size model, please click read more.

Manufacturer: Daban Model
Scale: 1/48
Grade: Mega Size – Universal Century
Origin: Gundam 0079
Price: 1400PHP (as of posting).

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Part 1: Head Unit

The head is modeled after the RG model. It seems at the creation of the RG design, most RX-78-2 succeeding releases followed it. Sans the latest HGUC Ver Revive to be released this 2015

Part 2: Torso Unit

The core itself is the same as the RG sans the gimmicks but with all the panel lines.

Part 3: Arm Unit

The arms is well detailed, but the articulation is sacrificed. No double joint. This is the full range movement of the elbow joint. It can though twist just below the shoulders as seen on the joint between the gray and white part of the shoulder.

Part 4: Waist Unit

Good thing on the waist that the front flaps are separated and joined via a ball joint. The waist itself is not using a ball joint to connect to the core. The waist itself is already acceptable as it is,

Part 5: Leg Unit

The feet is so big that it dwarfed my stool for the photos.
It’s big and can’t fit the 35mm I set normally for the photos. I have to go wider and change to portrait.

Notice the thigh connector. They added additional pivot point that makes this kit a little surprising. 
For something this huge which you may be expecting that Bandai can add additional articulation. But yeah, this articulation is a little worse than those early HGs. This is the fullest it can bend.

Part 6: Weapons and Add-ons

Extra Hands

Literally HG 1/48 scale. Fixed hands similar to HGUCs.

Beam Rifle

I’m actually liking how the Beam Rifle looks and it’s size. I wish I can buy the Beam Rifle water gun.


The shield has no special gimmicks, this one’s a full 1/48 upscale of the 1/144 core design plus the panel line details. The connector might be different.


Beam Sabers

The beam saber is out of proportion. As the size is similar to the standard 1/60 Perfect Grades. Mind you, Mega Size is 1/48


1/48 HG RX-78-2 Gundam

The kit itself can be categorized as a High Grade model. Setting the scale aside the kit shares the characteristics of an HG release.

  • No inner frame
  • Fixed and swappable hand effect parts
  • Mostly 90-degree range of movement on the elbows and knees.
  • Now has a simple mechanism on the upper thigh joint to allow twisting in line with the new HG releases.

You can almost debate that it is a no-grade 1/48 scale release.

Trigger hand effect part.
90-degree movement at the elbow joint.
90-degree freedom on the knees as well.

MegaSized Novelty Release

This particular release is also somewhat commemorative of the 1/1 scale statue that Japan/Bandai made in the bid of the Olympics. Currently the 1/1 model is in front of Diver City Tokyo – Gundam Front.


  • Comes with opening tool for separating connected parts.
  • Details are great, panel lines are deep.
  • Easy to build as parts are big and snaps easily.


  • You may need to put in stoppers/grips on the foot. The kit slides due to it’s weight.
  • Limited articulation on the elbows and knees.

If you’re a beginner and wants something huge, this is the kit that you should get. Plus, it is the original Gundam

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