Review: 1/144 HG MSM-04 Acguy [Ver. GFT] (Bear Mo)

Now that we have unboxed Acguy Ver. GFT, we can now proceed on checking the build out!

Manufacturer: Bear Model
Scale: 1/144
Grade: High Grade – Universal Century
Origin: Mobile Suit Gundam 0079
Price: 550PHP (as of posting).

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You may have noticed from the unboxing post that there are Bearguy parts in the kit. Sadly, you have to buy the Pink Bearguy just to fully build it as the core head part for the eye is not included in this release, seen below.

The head core which is only included with the Pink Bearguy is not included in Acguy Ver GFT release.


Part 1: Head Unit

The head unit is composed of a core and a transparent under the the white plates. Notice the red bill of Acguy? That’s actually painted over out of the box. Good thing they are under gated and with the right cutting technique you can hide the nub marks pretty well.

Part 2: Torso Unit

If you can see the original Gundam Front release, the core of the Acguy is plain blue and white with the tricolors being just stickers

HGUC Acguy ver.GFT

In the sample picture above, notice that the red parts are neatly placed stickers compared to the painted core in our BearMo release

It does look cheap somehow due to bad masking. That’s how premium BearMo can get. Good effort though.

Part 3: Arm Unit

The arm movement is extremely limited and the forearm pops out a lot. This can be remedied if you can clip or sand the ball joint from the forearm. But regardless, that’s how much you can only move it.

Part 4: Waist Unit

There’s no waist unit.

Part 5: Leg Unit

The legs are not so bad, but still is clunky. The articulation is better (arguably) than the arms.

It can facilitate a good kneeling pose.

Part 6: Weapons and Add-ons

Clawed Arm

The Clawed Arm is not retractable but is a series of swappable parts emulating the drawing out of the claws. The claws are movable on the fully extended mode.

Arm Extender Effect Part

The arm extender effect parts is a set of two arms by three modules as seen above.

Which you can combine and make it longer.

It has some articulation to it, but very very limited.

Part 7: Completed Acguy Ver. GFT

You really have to put on the decals.

Props to Bear Model that they really have decent stickers. They sticks really well and very well detailed. The sticker for Acguy is highly recommended to be applied as it really adds to the kit’s appeal. They are using clear stickers and looks good on a white background.

Part 8: Acguy Acrobats

Bear Model’s First Release

The kit isn’t really that bad, but being an earlier HG release, the articulations isn’t that great. The release it self is a novelty release. Quality wise, it isn’t bad as the earlier releases of TT Hongli. This is very well crafted, you can almost assume that they got these off Bandai’s factory.

They should really have thrown in the Bearguy head core.

I’ll stand by my judgement. The kit is solid. I appreciate the way they made effort to have the tri-color painted.

Though some are not neatly done. The stickers was done wonderfully.

The arm’s articulation is so limited, but it’s just the way Acguy is made. If it needs additional articulation, that would be almost RG or MG level.

Good thing, they did the knees very well, though it looks like it has an extended joint from the looks of it.

I really wish it had the core fore the Bearguy head.


  • Plastic quality is good.
  • Stickers are well made
  • You can change to brown Acguy


  • Limited articulations on the arms
  • No waist
  • Arms pops out a lot
  • Can’t change to Bearguy, due to the lack of Head core.

There’s nothing much to talk about the kit, but I like it for it’s novelty. And yes, I got a pink Bearguy so that I can turn it to the brown Bearguy with the extra parts from this kit.

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